Our mission is to make humanity just a little bit more human.

At KEEN, we live with no ceiling by being keen on the good stuff. We're keen on happiness, togetherness, and doing good. Life is KEEN!


Life is KEEN is about bringing folks together. Not just people who look alike, or act alike, or think alike, but people who are truly different and might not even agree with each other. It celebrates people who challenge stereotypes and embrace a life of diversity. It inspires others to live life full of love and compassion.

Doing Good

We're actionists who like to do good and have fun doing it. Two of the most pressing issues of our time are, the fate of humanity and the planet. We reduce our impact on the planet by building functional products, using materials that don't destroy the environment, and making shoes that last. We use our platform to help make outside and the trades more accessible to all.


Celebrate the courage it takes to be an original and empower people to showcase their diverse originality to the outside world.

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