by KEEN Ambassador Ari Delashmutt

For those of us looking for our travels to be more than just beaches and margaritas, there are some key things that can make our adventure travel more exciting and enjoyable. These tips can help take your adventure trip from an exhausting logistical nightmare to being the free-spirited epic you’ve always dreamed of. I recently honed them on a legendary paragliding journey through Morocco with my friend Chris Hoyte.


If you think you know every little detail of what you want to do on your trip, you’ll miss out on the great things you will learn about on the way. Make a list of some cool stuff you’re interested in seeing and have a rough idea that you know will change. It’s not an adventure if you choreograph every step.


There is nothing that can improve your trip more than unrestrained mobility. You get to see and explore at your own pace with more spontaneity and freedom. Hitchhikers, weird roadside attractions, hole-in-the-wall restaurants; oh yeah. If budget is an issue, trade lodging expense for a rental van. Tie the back seats up and sleep in the van! Buy a power inverter and pay for your phone to work. You’re now an international dirtbag experience magnet, and there’s ferrous material coming your way!


The best food I’ve ever had abroad came from food carts, taco trucks and a little old lady selling empanadas out of a basket. Don’t be afraid of the little guys and the strange menu items. Food is culture, so eat it up.


You’ll never be disappointed if you have no expectations, so let go of your assumptions and appreciate all the challenges that come your way for the opportunities of growth that they are. Remember, you’re adventuring! This ain’t no all-inclusive beach resort.


The single best thing you can do is be happy and friendly. Positivity attracts positivity. Don’t speak the language? Smile and hug and make physical jokes. You’ll end up meeting new friends that will unlock the hidden gems of your trip. Remember, the people you meet will always be the best part of your trip.

Now get out there! Keep your head on a swivel, worry about the money when you get home and just be stoked you’re out of the country. Your greatest adventures are still ahead of you! Bon route!

>All photos courtesy of Chris Hoyte