We’re not here to make shoes

Don’t get us wrong. We love making shoes … and we’re good at it, but we’re really here to make a difference. To make the outside and trades accessible to all. And to clean up the planet while we’re at it.

We’re a family-owned, values-led maker of hybrid footwear, and we’re on a mission to make the outdoors and trades more accessible and inclusive. Hey everyone, let’s get out there together.

We believe the outside is better than the inside. That outside doesn’t have to be about bagging peaks or going on epic solo adventures. We eat, sleep, hike, walk, work, and play outside… every day. All day. It’s good for our health. Physical and mental. We believe going outside alone is boring. We like to share our outside with friends and family. Our dogs and our kids. We know that living outside is better when we include others. All others.