We wake up each and every day on a mission to make the most original, comfortable, durable shoes. But it's not about what's inside the shoebox ... it's where you go and what you do in our shoes, sandals, and boots that matters most to us. Seeing our fans outside with their friends and family is the best gift for us.

And we know you feel the same way about the gifts you get for the folks you care about. So we pulled together some of our favourite picks to help you pick the perfect outside-the-box gift ideas for outdoor adventurers.

For Having Fun Outside



Disc golf, cornhole, geocaching ... they all turn outside time into spontaneous fun time for all ages while exploring a neighborhood park or camping. And your giftees can keep everything they need at the ready in their trunk or roofbox. A carry bag for discs, and a microfiber towel to wipe them off, are great accessories for a disc golf set, and we love all the portable cornhole options out there — from a mini set that can fit in a backpack, to collapsible versions. (Dad hat = glare-free throwing.)

Our shoe picks:  
Targhee hiking shoes and kids' Speed Hound hiking shoes bring all-around comfort and protection for varied play terrain. Disc golfers are also loving our new NXIS EVO hiking shoe.

For Big Memories Outside

There are mega stores filled with fishing gear and gizmos, but we pulled together a few of our faves for tacking some fishing on to other outside adventures, like standup paddleboarding, biking, and hiking. With a telescopic rod (fly or reel) and collapsible net, you can fit it all in a backpack and pull out your gear when you find a great spot. A DIY fishing lures book can give your fisherpeople a new hobby during the winter, too. And, hey, a good luck charm can't hurt!

Our shoe picks:  
The original hybrid sandal, Newport, ready to hike, bike, paddle, and wade.

For Exploring Outside

It seems like everyone is buying a van lately. But even wagon and SUV owners can get in on the vanlife fun and make car camping comfier. A portable solar kit is such a nice-to-have item for recharging gadgets. We love geeking out a bit with ours. Another luxury is freshly ground coffee beans. A manual grinder gives your giftee a little morning arm workout, too, with zero carbon footprint (we like the stainless steel ones). Speaking of carbon footprints, a carbon offset for an upcoming road trip could really start your friends' and family's adventure off on a positive note.

Our shoe picks:  
UNEEK is an all-around fave, and is so versatile and comfortable.

For Fitness Outside

Our favorite gym is always outside. And we love seeing so many folks discovering the joy of outside fitness. You don't have to be a runner to get your heart rate up and muscles working a little harder. Just pick up the pace on the trail. Know someone who wants to bring a little more sweat to their outside time? Our new hiker sneaker with flex, Tempo Flex, was made for quick sunrise or afterwork hikes. Your outside fitness lover would probably also love a hydration pack and foam roller and a stocking full of energy chews. We also think mismatched socks are the best. 

Our shoe picks:  
Our new light, fast, and flexy hiker sneakers, Tempo Flex

For Extra TLC Outside



Outside is our place to recharge, and that's something we've all appreciated even more (and needed even more!) during the pandemic. The best care package we know includes all the basics for kicking back and breathing in more fresh air. Pamper the ones you love with the sound of Ponderosa trees swaying in the wind while they sway the day away in a hammock. A favorite book is a great add-on. We always love seeing what The Book of Answers has to say when we're feeling a bit stressed.

Our shoe picks:  
Slip-ons are the name of the chillax game, like Shanti and Yogui.