When it comes to out-of-the-box hiking comfort, built-to-last durability, and protection from the elements to get out on your favourite trails all year, our iconic Targhee hiking boot is a no-brainer.

But which one ... Targhee II or Targhee III?!

This might just be the question we get asked the most around here. Our original hiker from 2005 is still our most fan-loved, trail-tested hiker, 8 million happy feet and counting. Folks wear their Targhee boots everywhere from short family nature walks to climbing difficult hikes. Some prefer Targhee II and some prefer Targhee III. Which one are you? Read on...

KEEN Product Line Manager Will Schuh recently walked through the key differences in this short 90-second video, and you'll find more details below. We hope it helps you get your feet into iconic Targhee comfort!


The fit:
Fans love the room-for-your-toes fit of the Targhee. All Targhee styles are built on an anatomical last that is shaped for feet (no, not all shoes are built this way). Our Original Fit is widely recognised for its secure heel fit and plenty of room for toes to spread out.

The traction:
All Targhee hiking boots and shoes have a KEEN.ALL-TERRAIN rubber outsole. Just like the name says, it's designed to handle all the terrain you encounter on your hike. Whether it's sidewalk, scree, or good ole' hard pack.

The LWG-certified leather:
Every KEEN shoe is Consciously Created to minimise impact on the planet. That’s why we only source leather from Leather Working Group-certified tanneries that are using innovative solutions to eliminate wastewater and reduce the use of chemicals. 


Targhee II waterproof hiking boots

Targhee III waterproof hiking shoes


The feel:
They both feature our famous comfort fit but differences in midsole cushioning offer a slightly different feel. Targhee II has a slightly more elevated heel that makes it feel like a more traditional hiker. Whereas, the Targhee III feels more like a sneaker.

The tread:
As Will shows in the video above, the tread pattern is a little different between Targhee II and III. The lugs on the Targhee II look like a "monster truck" while the Targhee III looks more like a trail runner. A little more luggy for faster-paced hikes. 

The style:
Targhee II has a more classic feel than the Targhee III, and it also has a more classic hiker style. If you look at both boots from above, you can see that the Targhee III has a slightly more streamlined look.

No matter which Targhee boot or shoe you pick, know that every Targhee is crafted to last in premium leather with reinforced protection from toe and mud guards. We want to make sure you’ll enjoy your hiking shoes for a long time by getting nit-picky about every detail: the stitching, materials, construction techniques, and tread. Happy trails, new Targhee hikers!