"Why are butterfly wings so colorful and spotted?"
"How do slugs move that way!?"
"What kind of tree is this that’s covered in puzzle pieces?"

If you have kids (or babysit kids, or have ever hung out with a kid for 15 minutes) you’ve probably heard these sorts of questions before (and if you don’t know the answers, that’s fine! They’re included below). Life with kiddos can feel like a never-ending quiz show. It can be wondrous and magical, but it can also be like:

"I am going to pee my pants! Are we there yet?"
"Why is it raining sooooooo hard?" which roughly translates to, "I am about to have a physical and mental breakdown because my hand/shoulder/left toe is wet!!"
Or the most popular kid statement of all time: "But, do I have to!? My feet hurt!"

Here lies the very reason we created the kids’ Targhee boot. So that your Sunday afternoon family hike or your bonding backpacking trip with your 8-year-old is full of good questions instead of bad. So that guided hike through blooming rhododendrons is a memory your little one retells with joy instead of recounting it like it was some sort of punishment they didn’t deserve. In order to keep each and every kid cool, calm, and 100% not thinking about their feet, we’ve created a Targhee shoe or boot for every boy or girl, every condition, and every temper tantrum that could have been.


Just like our Targhee boots for adults, our little and big kids’ styles all sport a grippy, rugged outsole that has soft but durable lugs. These grips basically work like tiny hands grabbing onto the trail and keeping kids there. For another layer of comfort and peace of mind, each and every Targhee shoe or boot is built with a heel-capture system that keeps tiny heels stable and supported and a toe bumper that shields their toes. Loose dirt, rocky sidehills, and yes, even the wet creek that they’ll have to cross if you want to get back to the car before nightfall? No problem. Add in pesticide-free odor control and adjustable bungee laces, and you’ve got a shoe that’s built for adventure.


Kids' Targhee Shoe
There is nothing your kid won’t try: bouldering at the park, climbing trees, or skateboarding as you yell, “If it has wheels you need a helmet!” Literally a shoe destroyer, your shoe monster can ruin a pair of tennis shoes in three, two… done. Our Targhee shoe for kids can withstand the abuse of being used as skid brakes while bike riding or tromping over piles of gravel, dirt, and sand as you try to re-landscape the front yard. Built with a durable leather and textile upper, your kids can be kids without you having to worry about how many shoes they are going to go through in the process.

Kids' Targhee Waterproof Boot
A little rain in the forecast? No big deal. Nobody (and we mean nobody) likes wet feet, especially kids. When it happens, they generally lose all control of tear ducts and limbs, melting into crying piles of despair. But when they wear Targhee waterproof shoes, this sort of thing tends to become a distant memory. A KEEN.DRY waterproof membrane and PFC-free water repellency work together to keep water out but also keep things breathable so that their feet don’t overheat.

Kids' Targhee Sport Vent Shoe
So your kid has sweaty feet? So she tends to immediately remove her shoes and socks whenever possible no matter how embarrassing the situation might be (the art museum? C’mon, really?) Seriously, don’t sweat it. Instead of trapping little feet in tiny shoe-shaped saunas, how about giving their feet some extra breathability? The Targhee Sport Vent shoes are made for sweaty little people who need extra air on all their ten toes. The vented upper keeps air flowing through the shoe like a sandal but has the full coverage protection of a hiking boot.

Pro tip: The Targhee Sport Vent shoe is great for your kids’ first hike in a dry, arid place. If they are used to muddy trails and mossy rocks, they’ll appreciate more breathability when the temperature is higher than their little bodies have ever experienced.


Step one of being the cool, all-knowing parent that you sometimes are but always aspire to be is getting your kiddos set up with the right gear. The second step is knowing a bunch of cool and random facts that you can wow them with the next time you’re out on the trail.

 Stand out by blending in. Butterfly wings are so unique and colorful because they are basically camouflage! The patterns and colors on their wings are a way for them to blend in with their surroundings to avoid the detection of hungry predators. How cool is that!?

 Go gastropod go! How about this slick fact? Slugs (aka gastropods) move around using muscular action. Waves of contraction run through their bodies generating movement that allows them to get from point A to point B. They can actually move up to 150 feet per hour! The next time you need to hurry your kids up on a hike, just tell them to put that muscular action into high gear!

 Nature’s jigsaw puzzle. The Pinus Ponderosa tree or more commonly the Ponderosa Pine is a coniferous tree found in many parts of the western world, from Canada into Mexico and from the Pacific Ocean all the way to the central US. It has a unique bark type that looks like jigsaw puzzle pieces, and their color changes as they age. Spot one with orange bark? It’s likely more than 120 years old!

Ready to share your newly acquired facts? Help your kiddos pull-on their Targhee boots, pack some snacks, and get out there!