Happy Earth Day! The first Earth Day happened 50 years ago (or 4.54 billion years ago, depending on your point of view). Hardcore nature lovers that we are, Earth Day is close to our hearts. We believe in protecting public lands, cleaning up waterways, and reducing barriers to appreciating nature every day, not just Earth Day.

Since 2003, we’ve also been on a 24/7/365 mission to eliminate everything that shouldn’t be in our products (like PFCs!) — because what we put in our products also ends up in our ecosystems. It’s a journey, not an overnight change (we take it one step at a time), and we’re really proud of the strides we’ve made — and are still making — to create better shoes for a better planet.

This year, we’re celebrating Earth Day from the ground up, with our most Consciously Created collection of shoes yet. If you are looking for ways to step lighter, here are a few of our new faves:


Our new flip-flop is our most recycled one yet, made with recycled materials in every part of the sandal, including 100% recycled plastic bottles in the webbing. Using recycled plastic in fibers saves energy and resources, and helps keep millions of P.E.T. bottles out of the waste stream. Yesterday’s waste becomes today’s webbing!

What recycled goodness goes into the Harvest Flip?

• Webbing made from 100% recycled P.E.T. plastic bottles
• Underfoot cushioning with recycled PU mixed into the midsole
• The non-marking outsole contains recycled rubber (it looks neat, too!)
• And don’t forget packaging for the shoe: that’s made of recycled plastic, too

Making durable products from stuff that was once destined for a landfill is what we mean when we say our products are “Consciously Created.”


The Elle Sandal: Recycled plastic makes up the stretchy straps on this strappy sandal, and the rubber outsole is infused with natural jute (a plant fiber). More jute = less rubber usage!

The SOLR Sandal: Post-consumer recycled plastic makes up the sturdy webbing straps on this design. 

The Timmons Sneaker: Bonded with heat instead of harmful solvents or glues, this durable, 100% vulcanized sneaker features a natural rubber outsole and environmentally preferred leather for cleaner water.