Behind Targhee IV: Our Most Durable Targhee Yet

With its out-of-the-box comfort and tried-and-true performance on the trail (over 3 billion miles and counting!), Targhee has been our #1 fan-favorite hiker since 2005.

Still, we realized there was one very important way we could make it better: by making the Targhee performance and comfort you love last longer. Much longer. Better for you, and better for the planet.

With Targhee IV, we set out to make the most sustainable, durable Targhee yet. In this video, KEEN Fitter Kris shows how we kept the room-for-your-toes Targhee fit while finding ways to enhance its longevity – with KEEN.FUSION construction for zero sole separation, a Luftcell midsole that resists compression over time, and an abrasion-resistant outsole that’s twice as durable as rubber.

Compared to its predecessor, Targhee IV: 

  • Withstands more than 1 million flexes (the equivalent of about 500 miles) without failing
  • Has a bond between the sole and upper that stands up to 3x our quality standard, even after the 500-mile flex test
  • Features an outsole that is 2x more abrasion-resistant so it stays luggy
  • Keeps its cushioning and shock absorption over time by resisting compression 

Here’s to a long life of happy trails in the Targhee IV.