Do you trust advice from a horoscope? Maybe you’ve had the experience of reading about your Zodiac sign and thinking to yourself, “Wow, they really got it — that’s me to a T.” (And probably you’ve also had the flip side, where you scoped your ‘scope and the reaction was, “Umm, nope.”)

But the great thing about astrology is you can take it super seriously or just have fun with it. So, for fun, we found a pair of KEEN shoes to match every sign in the Zodiac. Take it with a grain of salt, and if you don’t agree with your traits, rest assured you can pick whichever shoes go best with your feet, not your horoscope.

A person putting on KEEN NXIS hiking shoes


Determined, competitive, and dynamic, you love to be the first one to the top of the mountain. To get you and your fellow Aries pals there faster, we’d pair you with the NXIS EVO hiking boots (in men's and women's sizing). Ready, set — go!


Stable, strong, dependable — Taurus is our kind of sign. Here are two super-reliable pairs of walking shoes we depend on day in and day out: the women's Presidio shoe and the men's Austin shoe. Stable as a table, that’s you in these shoes, Taurus.


Curious and adaptable, with a delightfully multifaceted personality—Gemini reminds us of our favorite do-everything sandal for both trail and water: the Newport H2 sandal. It’s a twofer; you can get out there and explore what nature has to offer on dry land, and then do it again in the aquatic zone.


Protective (that full-coverage crab shell), a homebody, and all about TLC — Cancer, you’re making us think of a supremely comfy house shoe with a warm, fuzzy feeling. Maybe the Howser, which has a snuggly lining, plus sturdy outsole that will stand up to when you venture outside (just for a minute or two).

howser image


Stylish, outgoing, confident, proud. Recognise yourself, Leo? Yeah, we thought so. We know you’re not afraid to make a statement, so we’d put you in a pair of UNEEK SNK shoes, featuring pops of look-at-me neon.


Pragmatic, detail-oriented, kind of a traditionalist: Virgo’s hiking style is nose-to-the-grindstone, and the footwear should match. You’ll probably dig the old-school mountaineering vibe and can-do features of the Pyrenees boot.


Libra has an active mind and is always pursuing harmony and a well-balanced life. We picture you walking and thinking and walking and thinking and walking and . . . etc., etc. Let’s slip you into a solid walking shoe like the men's NXIS EVO Hiking shoes or NXIS Speed Shoes or women's Terradora II shoe. Bonus tip: try experimenting with walking meditation to quiet that busy mind of yours.


Oh, Scorpio — we’d tell you to take it easy, but we know you never will. Brave, resourceful, stubborn, and intense, a Scorpio always has their eye on the horizon, and dreams of venturing into the wildest of wild unknowns. We’d put you in a hiking boot as hardcore as you are: the Targhee II Waterproof Mid boot. Go get wild in them.

two people meet on the trail


Strong-willed and independent, but with energy and enthusiasm to lead a whole team. Sag, you’re a take-charge entrepreneur and a true trailblazer. We love that about you. You’d match well with an active design that channels that up-at-dawn energy, like the Voyageur hiker.


Disciplined, tenacious, and always prepared for the worst⁠⁠ — that’s a Cap. We get it⁠; sometimes the worst happens (and you have to scrape it off your windshield). Capricorns never give up, even when rain turns to hail and snowflakes turn to snowdrifts that swallow your ankles. That’s why we’d put you cold-weather Caps in won’t-back-down footwear like the men's Targhee II Winter Waterproof Boots or the women's Kaci's III Winter Mid Waterproof Boot.


Original, uncompromising, progressive: Aquarius has their own kind of vibe. They march to the beat of their own funky footwear. They’re the kind of sign that takes one look at the love-’em-or-hate-’em style of the KEEN UNEEK sandal and thinks, “Yes, I love ‘em!” Thank you for being a true weirdo, Aquarius. Now go pick out your fave pair of UNEEK shoes.


Artistic, gentle, compassionate: Pisces, you’re a dreamy sign that can easily get lost in your own personal reverie. We picture you at the end of a busy day, relaxing and reflecting while you sip a cup of tea (or maybe it’s a glass of red wine), and on your feet is a pair of calm, easygoing Yogui slides. Aaaahh.

two people sitting in camp chairs in a river