It’s time for Anatomy of a Shoe! Get to know this KEEN shoe and what it can do. We’re taking a deep dive into our bestselling designs to show you exactly what you’re getting and exactly why it matters.

For our next Anatomy of a Shoe, we’re zeroing in on a design that’s close to our hearts (and almost always on our feet): the Newport. And this is a totally new kind of Newport.

Newport sandals have been KEEN’s #1 bestselling style — for both kids and grown-ups — for years. Parents have asked us for a version of the Newport their kids can wear 365 days a year. By adding mesh to our iconic Newport sandal, we turned our kid-fave hybrid sandal into a fully enclosed, breathable shoe.

Why we made it: To take cheerful and fun summer vibes anywhere they go!

This back-to-school shoe isn’t made to sit at a desk. Find it playing, learning, and going wild outdoors. It brings the freedom of summer to adventurous kids all year long. How does it do that?

Kids Newport Shoe features

A. THE PART: Protective rubber toe bumper

THE POINT: Stubbed toes? Not here! Protect kids’ toes from everything from rough rocks to thorny thickets to that break in the sidewalk they just didn’t see coming.

B. THE PART: Water-squeezing siped outsole

THE POINT: Wet surfaces get slippery. Just like a car or bike tire, this rubber outsole has thin slits that help squeeze out water (because a drier surface = more grip).

C. THE PART: Room-to-grow bungee cord adjuster

THE POINT: No two feet are exactly the same (especially when kids are growing fast). The cord adjuster lets you fine-tune the fit to be snug and secure on every foot.

D. THE PART: Hook-and-loop ankle strap

THE POINT: It lets the sandal open wide without having to adjust the bungee cord. (Because have you ever tried to get a tiny kid’s foot into a tiny kid’s shoe? Not easy!)

E. THE PART: Leather strap upper

THE POINT: Leather is comfy and durable, durable, durable (because we all know how kids can punish their footwear). This is environmentally preferred leather, made with reduced chemicals to help preserve and protect our water.

F. THE PART: In-between mesh panels

THE POINT: Mesh panels complete the transformation from hybrid sandal to fully enclosed (but still breathable) shoe. They keep out all those annoying tiny rocks and bits of debris.

G. THE PART: Nice and roomy original fit

THE POINT: Kids need space to wiggle their toes. Our original fit has lots of wiggle room built in, so kids never feel cramped or confined in the great outdoors.

H. THE PART: Pesticide-free odour control

THE POINT: When kids get moving, they start sweating. And that’s a good thing! Our pesticide-free odour control helps prevent stinkiness without getting nasty chemicals involved.

I. THE PART: Comfy removable insole with arch support

THE POINT: We don’t skimp on arch support, even for kids! The insole is made for all-day comfort and taking good care of little feet. And it’s removable, so you can replace it as needed (or add your own).

Shop Newport shoes made with breathable mesh for toddlers, little kids, and big kids, and check out the rest of the Newport fam while you’re at it.

Back to school in the KEEN Kids' Newport Shoe